About the Senate

The Senate is one of two houses of the legislative power conferred by the Constitution for the United States at Article I. Often referred to as the "upper house" due to it's meeting in a room above the House of Representatives early in the nation's history, the Senate is considered the "cooling" body of the Congress, and concerns itself with matters of state and preserving the union in compliance with the Constitution.

At the end of the Civil War, Congress members realized that each of them as individuals were personally responsible for the harm they initiated against their fellow countrymen in the South. In order to avoid said personal liability, Congress incorporated the governance of the District of Columbia – being the United States government – under a limited liability scheme. This placed the Federal government in a position foreign to the several states in Union, and outside the constraints of the Constitution.

This is the reason that the Federal government does so many things which appear ignorant or unlawful. These actions are lawful under corporate law, and are needful in order for the corporate government to operate at a profit. This profit comes at your expense, both financially and in terms of individual rights which are sacrificed.

In 2010, a group of people – whom had identified themselves as non-corporate people on the land of the several states – put the President of the corporate United States and the corporate governors of the several states on notice as to their unConstitutional action and demanded a return to lawful conduct. When this notice was ignored, the people exercised the remedy expressed in the Declaration of Independence: they re-seated the original organic offices under the Constitution.

Doing so re-energized the lawful government venue which had been dormant for more than 100 years. The restoration is not complete, and more people are needed to fully restore lawful governance. However, the progress is real, and the restoration is true. On the national level, there has been a functional Congress until very recently. Courts are being setup, and the Executive branch is being organized.

Many states have a restored lawful governance in place. Some states are further along than others in this restoration process. Several counties are also becoming organized under this lawful jurisdiction. We, your public servants in Constitutional jurisdiction, welcome your interest, your learning, and your participation.