An unlawful third session of the restored organic Congress of the Republic for the united States is currently in session. 

The Senate had been proceeding on an assumption that quorum was based on the number of senators, as stipulated in the 1868 Rules of the Senate. However, in November 2014, it was presented that in 1860 – as also in the first session of the Senate – quorum was based on the whole number of states. As there has only been a fraction of the 50 states in union represented in the Senate during the second restored Senate session, the Senate by unanimous consent stopped conducting business until a proper quorum is attained, consistent with the Constitution.

As a direct result of this discovery, all of the actions of the second restored Senate session – outside of the Senate – are void, including the counting of the ballots for the presidential election in March of 2014, and by extension, all second-session Judicial and Executive appointments. 

Rather than support the Senate and its effort to act within it's lawful authority as delegated by the Constitution, James Geiger and Dan Owens attempt to defame the Senate while continuing to assert unlawful executive authority. This was made plain when Dan Owens, with the assistance of Senator Don Adams in the role of Senate administrator, attempted to enforce a new, unconstitutional "opinion" qualification upon Senators, and then excluded any Senator who refused to comply with this unlawful gesture.

Further unlawful actions by Brenda, Dan Owens wife, and other members of Republic national governance were taken against those Senators refusing to agree with unlawful activity. Actions such as disabling their national e-mail accounts or Dropbox access without an accompanying request from their home states, and without any justification in law. 

The Senators who stand apart from the unlawful activity continue to enjoy the popular support of knowledgeable people on their home state, and their home states' restored governance. They remain in good-standing in law and service to the restored Senate, even as they are dropped from the Senate teleconference or not recognized for the roll call.

Follow all the Senate action here, and learn about Constitutional law, the rules of the Senate, and the other factors involved in the restoration of lawful Constitutional governance of the United States of America.